Mar 27, 2016

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Keepers of the Lost Pack Series: Book 1 – The Lost Hope


The Lost Hope

Two young foxes of Storm Pack, Dapple and Autumn, go on an adventure to find their destinies – to return hope to the fox packs of the forest by restoring the Lost Pack. Its members have disappeared, and the pack has dwindled to almost nothing.

If Autumn and Dapple don’t re-form and protect the Lost Pack, hope will be lost forever. Can the two young foxes fulfill their destinies and return The Lost Hope by re-forming and protecting the Lost Pack?

Read The Lost Hope, Book 1 of the Original Series, Keepers of the Lost Pack, to find out if they will they achieve or if they will they fail.

Delightful Story by Young Writers for Young Readers

We’re delighted to offer you this first book by new authors Jazzi Dragonfly and Kit Rodem.

This book follows the life of the primary characters, foxes Dapple and Autumn, from newborns to young adults. The character development is outstanding for an author of any age, as it draws the reader into the story and brings emotional involvement with Autumn, Dapple, and the other foxes of Storm Pack.

This interesting book was written and typed entirely by ten-year olds Jazzi and Kit. Only minor editing and Kindle formatting was done by Ka-Bamba Publishing. After they formulated the concept and the plot, they started writing, working together, and role-playing the main characters. Kit was Dapple, and Jazzi was Autumn.

Jazzi and Kit’s competitive natures also led them to have a contest about who wrote the most words, as Jazzi wrote the odd-numbered chapters and Kit wrote the even numbered chapters.

Even the cover art painting is by Jazzi Dragonfly.

These young writers have worked hard to create a book that young readers will enjoy.

Stay tuned, as Jazzi and Kit have plans to continue the series “Keepers of the Lost Pack”, starring Autumn and Dapple.

The Lost Hope (Keepers of the Lost Pack Book 1) on Kindle

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