Dec 15, 2017

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Cucina Comforts Rustic Italian Dinner Party


Authentic Italian Menu & Recipes Make it Easy to Host Your Own!

Ahhh, the tantalizing aromas, comforts, and romance of the rustic Italian kitchen – now imagine those wonderful aromas drifting through your home and enticing you and your guests, at your Cucina Comforts Dinner Party!

With Cucina Comforts, it’s easy, because you’ll be using my special, authentic Italian menu and recipes! Even if you’ve never been to Italy in person, you’ve seen the photos and longed to go. Capturing a part of the charm of Italy, and making it available to delight you and your guests, is what this little book is all about. By using my menu and recipes, you’ll arrive at deliciously complex flavors with relatively simple ingredients and methods.

So, get your ingredients together, invite your friends, and entertain yourself and your guests with the comfort of the rustic Italian kitchen with Cucina Comforts, the fifth book of my “Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash” series.

Cucina Comforts - Authentic Italian Menu & Recipes for Your Dinner Party by Xandra Nash

Cucina Comforts – Authentic Italian Menu & Recipes for Your Dinner Party! (Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash)